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GeoPressureR is a R package which help researchers determine the position of a bird based on the data retrieved from multi-sensor geolocators.

The main novelty of this package is to match atmospheric pressure measurements to weather reanalysis database (ERA-5) and produce a probability maps of position.

In addition, we use a graphical model to combine pressure, light, acceleration and windspeed data into a trajectory model of the bird.

Learn how to use GeoPressureR

The GeoPressureManual is a great place to start learning about how you can determine the trajectory of your bird.

Using the example of a Great Reed Warbler (18LX), this user guide takes you through each step of the analysis in detail.

Start your own analysis

Once you are familiar with the method and want to start your own study, we suggest you use GeoPressureTemplate, a github template repository which provides a standard code structure for your analysis.

Using this standardized code structure and output will allow for code sharing and troubleshooting, data archiving, work reproducibility, and easy check by reviewers.

Getting help

The best way to get help is to use the github discussions.

Contributions to the code should follow the Contributor Code of Conduct.